12 hour incubator love

I know people don’t generally like the 12 hour incubators, but lately I have been the most hopeful opening those, most of the time it’s crap but these are more valuable to me right now than any epic…

A stack of dimetrodon would be equally welcome!

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Yeah mine yesterday was edmonotosaurus :roll_eyes:

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Got some dilo out of one i was buzzing as it ain’t even level 15 yet and been collecting ono for ages

Yeah normally when I open them I feel like the kid on “Bad Santa” when he gets an aspirin from his Advent calendar lol “they can’t all be winners!”

It’s nice when they work out, it’s crazy the economy of DNA is all about where you live-i drive past so much dilo it’s crazy. I think I’m sitting on about 8k?

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I would trade stigy gen 2 some baryonyx gen 2 some secondo drac and dilo gen 2 for that dilo

You probably have some swampland to sell me too :wink:

Haha i see more trex then dilo and even had my first monolophosaurus today

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