12 hour incubators are a joke

The last three times I’ve gotten a 12 hour incubator it’s been absolute junk DNA of dinos that dont have hybrids and that I’ve already got 10k+ DNA for. Like seriously Ludia why do you keep giving me so much Koolasuchus Gen 2 DNA?


I also find it sad that I get more valuable DNA from a 15minute incubator than a 12 hour…


Exactly! You are waiting for that span of time for nothing. Lol! Most of the dinos on that incubators some are just useless. I prefer 8hrs somehow…

True. 8hrs are better

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Yeah it hurts alot when gou dont get anything useful. Last 1 i had i got 400 irritator so i was pleased. Last 24 hour or the one before was sop poor and i was soo sad

They should rework those incubators. Their system must be able to see what dinosaurs we level up and have in our team! Why do they always give us so much useless DNA that we don’t need or want? I used to buy incubators from time to time but I stopped because it’s a waste of money when you constantly get almost the same crappy DNA of Concavenator, Secodonotosaurs, Stygimoloch Gen 2 and so on.

Today I purchased their Pteranodon incubator and of course I got tons of useless DNA… I wish I didn’t buy it!

Keep spending money, that’s their plan

I get purrasaurus every damn time :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Same :rofl: Stygimoloch Gen 2 is another top contender

I got a 24 hr one last night that gave me orana and sino dna and 11 irex… i was pretty surprised… but yeah 12 hour ones are to much crap rare dna.

I am in arena 8 (start of it) and really want to make Monomimus but really I can’t even get common DNA needed for it. Which is should be in arena 8 incubator.

And got 12 hours few times and not a single arena-8 dino DNAs from it. Useless

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I expect to get doodie dna from them. I mostly want the coins from them anymore since you just don’t get enough coins normally to level up lvl 19+ dinos in a timely manner.

The only thing I like about 12 hour incubators is that I won’t have to battle for another 12 hours :rofl:

At least the coins pay out more. And Koolasuchus Gen 2 isn’t as crappy as people make it seem. I was using it above 5k trophies until recently. I only took it off my team because I don’t find enough of it in the wild to keep leveling it. I’m actually gonna make a video next month called “Koolasuchus Gen 2 DOESN’T suck” because I have a lot of footage of mine mopping the floor with other tough dinos.

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Call me superficial, the Koolasuchus and Diplocaulus give me the creeps so I dread getting them :joy:

Koolasuchus Gen 2 can also take down an Indominus Rex if it’s the same level, if I-Rex doesn’t get a critical hit. Full health vs full health, Koolasuchus WILL win. It’s the main reason it was on my team.

It’s pretty damn decent. Too bad it has no skills above a 1x modifier. That base damage is primo though, some of the highest in the game. I’m about to use him for the epic strike event. Nullify, nullify, nullify, take that stupid swap-in birds.


Had to find this topic again, cause now it seems even worse… My last 12h incubator gave me commons, Wuerhosaurus and Tupandactylus DNA… AWESOME! :unamused:

8 hour ones seem to be the best but I also do really well out of the 15 minutes.