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12 incubators


Why 12 incubators? Each take 3 or 8 or 12 or 24 hours how do you expect 12 incubators in one day? I’d literally have to wake up every 3 hours and i am not going to. I just started playing on thanksgiving and i love the game but i have a job and real life i am not setting an alarm for every 3 hours. Try setting realistic goals or go pound sand.


dont forget the free incubator counts and daily incubator


Not always… depends on the emotional state of the server when you open either…if you are lucky it will count


The incubators i got from those pve battles don’t count towards the total. At least they didn’t 2 days when i collect a bunch and still was at 5.


what pvp battles? the strike towers? they dont count. all other ones always counted for me.


PvE player vs environment not PvP player vs player. And yes i am referring to those strike towers. I am new and still learning the lingo. Question i see i can buy 350 darts in the store but the max i can hold is 140. Can i carry more and just need to unlock something or what is the point of 350 darts if you max out at 140?


I have to open 15. :confused:


shhh… :shushing_face:

(they are trying to test if you are smart enough not to spend, what… like 30-300 cash speeding up incubators to get the 4 cash reward)


You can overbuy, but not overcollect. If you buy those 350 darts (which i don’t recommend) while already having 140/140 darts you’re gonna have 490/140 darts and can’t collect any more darts from supplies until you’ve spent enough to go down under 140 again. The same with the 5-min scents where you can buy 5 but can only carry 2 by collecting them.

Regarding the original topic: It’s been (poorly) communicated (as a side node in some thread) by some Mod, that this is indeed a bug. They are looking into it and actually want the strike incs to count.