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12 instead of 8, but

There should be an option to have 12 dinosaurs on the battle list instead of 8 dinosaurs. And also that they have different probabilities of appearance. For example. 4 with high probability of appearance. Other 4 with normal probability. And another 4 with low probability. Any opinions or suggestions?

Initially it could be tested in friendly battles.


Tbh I kinda wished that there are 4 spots on the battle list than 8, I mean don’t kick me but what’s the point of 8 if we can only draw 4 a battle? I honestly cannot see a reason why have 8 when we can only have 4 a battle, it would also be easier for the players for boosts so they don’t have to use for god knows how long it will take to boost 8 dinos.

It’s to make you spend more money on leveling/bosting dinos. Plus the RNG of team selection which falls under the gambling mechanics the game uses to make you spend more. That’s why.

People already have a weird aversion to whales.
The average player hasn’t even maxed their team of 8 yet.
Do you really want to go up against people with 12 L30 max boosted dinos?
Sounds like fun to me personally, but I bet most would hate it.

You have 8 so the matchmaking can calculate if its time to win or lose depending on what will draw for you and your opponent! Start thinking people. We are scammed big time

This was already suggested. Would like to have team of 12 creatures instead of 8.

Have on bench lvl 28, 27, 26 creatures, cause I have no place in a team. I believe matchmaking would also be better. Players would not be able to rely on crutches as they can now.

Though, probably would be great idea to make last 4 spot unlockable once you climb in Lockwood Estate. In lower arenas there is no need for 12 creature team.

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It encourages variety, and forces you to try different strategies, because you don’t know which dinos you’ll get in what order.


Yes, make every player with an overboosted Thoradolosaur have it every single round. Great balance suggestion.


I’d love to have a pool of 12 as this would add variety and give us a reason to boost more evenly.

There would be way less teams with just one ‘crutch’ Dino as the odds of drawing it would be longer.

And Ludia would be happier as more dinos means more boosts sold!