1200 miles no Snake

Had a long east coast drive yesterday. Lots of traveling today. Well over 1200 miles and 40ish epics darted and 0 titanboa.

Very happen to stock up on epic dna, but geez this is absurd. More snake please!

About another 60 miles driven today, 8 epics and 0 titanboa. I have unlocked him due to FIPin in the sanc. But this will be two days and a ton of ground covered and no snake.


12 epics darted the past 2 days, only 1 was a snake. It’s tough to find for sure.


I traveled over 140km on bus today and found one titanoboa.


It doesn’t seem is has the same spawn rate as the mammoth did.


Exclusive and clearly elusive!


And you forget one tiny detail…

1- there is now koolasuchus/smilodon/sinoceratops/erliko and kentro the night to dilute those epics Spawn
2- the week Spawn IS smilodon (so while day,you have 2x more Luck to find smilodon
3-if you were smart before,you did dart while the night before,because,we use to have 2local Epic day and night and 1 exclusively day,now all 3 locales are days and night

So compared to mammoth,i bet you have 3X less chance to find one.
7 more epics added to dilute your Luck to find one

But yeah,of course an exclusive event have the same Spawn rate than an Epic…

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All that is true but even before the spawn updates it would of been the same. As i would find certain epics more frequently than other exclusives. Turtle vs blue or diplo.

Actually, the spawn pool for the hybrid pursuit (which snake should fall under) is different then the global epic pool. So they aren’t competing. It is competing with Smilodon though since that’s also a hybrid pursuit this week.


Three hours out walking over this morning and evening, and I have seen one Rare Titanoboa. That was the one and only that I have seen in the wild.Not even a whisper of the Epic version. :frowning:

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I find it really strange…
I used to see plenty of mammoth without trying.,i finish with over 7k in a month
4 hours of roads?only one snake…150 at the dart…


3 epic kitties, 2 barrys, 2 epic rexies, 1 koola, 1 Maia this morning…no snakes at all

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Over 20 epic, car+walking, no snake. :frowning:

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Update: all that driving around today, walking etc and one turns up at my house :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nice! (Characters)

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I have hopped on 3 buses today not just for much needed appointments but to get out and hunt with high hopes that I would have my presence graced by an Epic Titanoboa. I have searched through Zone 1, 2, 3, and 4 with no sight of this coveted snake. All this makes me come to a conclusion that this is just another scam backed by an empty promise. I would have a better chance at finding a bigfoot on the back of unicorn that farts rainbows while trotting down a field of shamrocks and dancing leprechauns.


I am planning a trip later this day (the third day), in which I hope to at least see this snake. I will update my mileage and results here later.

1 catch and a little from our Sanctuary


30 hours search for the snake since Monday and still no snake!

Did you forget to release it for Europe maybe? @Ludia_Developers


“The titanoboa ate my bus. Greetings from the inside”

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(sorry, couldn’t resist. Also, in times of tragedy, irony will save us all)



80ish miles traveled. 5 epics, 0 Titanboa.

I am at almost 1400 miles traveled with 0 epic snake sightings. This is such BS!