125 bugs fixed - Hit&Run is not one of them

Bug Description:

Using a Hit&Run attack (any dino) on instant invincibility, evasive, sia doge and maybe more moves, maybe even “normal shileds” will make this move to last one turn longer (too long).


  1. Dilora: Hit&Run - Tryko: instandt invincibilty - Tryko takes no damage - swapped in dino still faces shield
  2. Dilora: Hit&Run - Opponent swaps in Monomimus - Monomimus dodges 100% through sia dodge - swapped in dino still faces a 2nd 100% doge
  3. Indo uses “evasive” at some point - Dilora "hit&run, while “evasive” active - evasive lasts one turn longer.

This bug applies to all dinos with hit & run and might have more opponent moves, against which it is bugged.

“Normal shield” for example - I can’t tell, if that is the case, as it’S hard to keep track over several turns and you quite likely used a shattering move with swapped in dino, before you can count/check/tell - That’s something for the devs to check.

Area is was found in: Any battle

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Use Hit & run on one of the moves mentioned above

How often does it happen: Everytime

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As my posts get frequently automatically hidden, even if I only correct something or want to add something, I rather do a reply, so main topic doesn’t get hidden again.

I’d like to point out, that this is a “battle deciding/breaking” bug and has been reported by many differnet players several times over the last weeks.

It would be really nice, if that could be fixed any time soon.


In a way it makes sense that the shield stays, but it’s not supposed to block more than 1 attack imo. So yeah, this needs to be addressed. The team is aware of it though, it’s mentioned plenty of times.

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Hey qwertz0815, our team is still actively looking into the issue with Instant Invincibility lasting an extra turn, and they’re working to address it.

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Fix the whole Arena for good please

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Fix a bug, fix the arena, fix the game, make another game, solve world peace!

One at a time. It’s Ludia, not SpaceX.

the instant invincibility one costs games. instead of tryko being dead, you take a critted rampage for 6000+