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1251 damage dealt after instant distraction?

Bug Description: after using instant distraction with both Procerathomimus and Purutaurus, a level 22 Eianasuchus with stat boosted damage of 1390 still dealt 1251 damage after the effects of ferocious strike in using greater stunning impact.

Just to be sure I wasn’t crazy, I did the math:

Ferocious strike = 1390 x 1.5 = 2085 (which would be new 1x damage)
Greater stunning impact = 2085 x 1.5 = 3,127.5
My use of instant distraction BEFORE greater stunning impact should have reduced GSI to 312.75 damage

Area it was found in: Sorna Marshes (although I’m sure it’s not limited to a specific arena)

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- use instant distraction on 50% increase attack Einia
Step 2 - still get dealt 1251 damage instead of 312

How often does it happen: it happened each time I used instant distraction (opponent did NOT use adrenaline rush)

What type of device are you using: Pixel 2

That is not how distraction works. The 90% is calculated from the original damage, not the damage after ferocity. This has always been the case. The correct damage calculation is 1390*(1.5-0.9)*1.5=1251.

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Effects are additive : if you use a ferocious and then distract 50%, the result is not 75% damage but 100%. The +50% and - 50% are canceling each other

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So in this case, the move does 40% of the damage it would have originally done.

60% in fact : 1+(-0,9+0,5) * attack damage

0,6 * 2085 (attack 1,5) = 1251

He does 40% less than he should have dealt

Oh yeah, my bad. Flipped the 40% and 60% around :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh okay. I feel kinda dumb now, I guess I didn’t realize that it only used the original damage

Don’t feel dumb! The way damage is calculated is not very intuitive, and it takes the experience of encountering something like an einiasuchus to fully get it!