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13/03 Strike Tower


:zap::zap::zap: With a little help from a turkey and chicken.

Sorry for the wait at the end… made this at work :sweat_smile:


Thank you for the video. Looks too easy for lvl 30 dinos … let’s plan this now.

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Maybe Stegod, Spinotah/Suchotator, indor and Tryo? :slight_smile:


Depends of their lvl.i already have my plan but igua have to swap in turn 1 or 2


Over confidence nearly cost me this one - was left standing with 16 HP :relieved:


Sorry, forgot to record it this time. Tryo lvl 23 almost soloed it. Tryo use RTC, Stego use Thago and Iguano swaps in. DSR crit on Iguano and FS. Megalo comes in. DSR crit oneshot Megalo. Then APS on Stego and Tryo dies to Thago. Indo lvl 25 APS and DSR finished Stego.
Got 201 Ankylo DNA. :smile:


Nicely done! Il swap ya for my spinoG2 DNA :upside_down_face:


I ended up using some in-game cash I really didn’t want to use…
Going from the video, on my first try I used indominus -> Cloak, expected to deal x4 damage on Iguanodon, but not only Stego did not swap, it hit me both times through cloak. So indo ended up being useless and I lost the match.
Try 2: I start with Thor this time, and stego gets a crit with his 5% chance and leaves me at 7 hp. With my 40% crit chance, my first attack -> not crit, my second priority stun attack -> not crit AND not a stun either. I ended up losing that one as well.
Try 3: Started with Suchotator this time, played around instant distraction in a way that allowed me to bleed 2 of the enemy. Then I played around Tragodists invincibility shield and won rather convincingly, but man -700 cash…


Were the epics at least good? I had to retry last Sunday’s tower twice and all I got from it was Brachi and Spino2.


I got mostly anky, which everyone seems to agree is the best thing right now. But I am one of the minority who is sad the daily rewards are now anky, I really needed that T-Rex DNA, so I guess I am okay with what I got, but not exactly thrilled.


The only frakking epic tower I had a chance to win. And of course I get screwed by RNG.
No frakking 40% crit from Thor I needed, no frakking crit from Tryo under RTC and no frakking crit from Indoraptor.

Of course, that frakking Iguanodon got a crit and destroyed Tryo and of course my IC against Stego didn‘t work.

I‘m just so frakking angry, I stood at 2:2 even tho I had bad luck and needed one frakking 40% crit!!!

Raaargh, I‘m so angry!! My only chance for one epic incubator this week and RNG destroyed everything again!!

Gosh, I‘m so angry I wish I could write all the curses that are in my head now…urgh, so mad. So damn frakking mad, this ruined my day.


Did they appear in the same order in ur second attempt using same attacks?


I actually preferred the Rex as well. Anky is nice, but when there are 4 dinos that all need Rex, it starts getting depleted quickly. I would have rather kept the Rex reward since we are getting so much anky this week anyway and that is only needed for one of the dinos.

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Probably why they did it tbh… means people will be out hunting rex instead. Stops them quickly leveling tryko/indom I guess.

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First 2 attempts - yes. On the third one Iguanodon went first, and second one was the rare one, forgot its name now. The third, of course, was Stego. Non of them mid-swapped at any point on that last one.


Was lucky with the crit at the end. Although i think i woiuld havr still survived even if it didnt.

Crappy DNA. Nice coins


Here’s mine, my tryo didnt crit at all even with rtc on x) but my gorgo did and more importantly ai didnt crit at worst moment and iguanodon swap in (luckily)



I think I‘ll try again and maybe replace Utahsino by Suchotator or Spinotahsuchus and try to bleed Stego dead.

I desperately need those coins dammit!

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Oh wow, I just had the EXACT same problem. RNG screwed my dinos badly.

They got a crit at 5%, I got none, despite my team being 20% on all but one. Absolutely ALL of my cloaks failed (which, in this game, was 4). I’m so bored of only being able to get the rare incubators because bad luck hits me with all of the recent epic strike events.


Over confidence did cost me this one lol. I had to retry 🤦