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14-20 Weekly Schedule


Lol,we know the weekly schedule 1m before it start ?

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So basically they ignored the premium incubator issue, and they’ve stuck to treasure chase only at the weekend when @E.D said it would be all week.

What gives?

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And another week of trash…

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Very very nice! Tuojiango is good… and… blue?

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this is just what I needed! I’m hoping to create diorag soon so this event will be perfect!

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I’ll take Dsu and Tuo. Perhaps Pteranodon and Concav too.

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Tuojiango is about all that’s decent. It seems like Ludia is giving up on this game…

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so I guess im the only one who hasn’t seen I wild raja since 1.13?

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Not sure why that got flagged, but it honestly doesn’t make sense to have a 25k day limit when you can’t get more than one chest a day. I think Ludia don’t want to give out anymore coins since they reduced the incubator coins a while back.


All caps post, but it makes sense

Tuo and Dsung are nice, raja is also great to have for Dio


And he got suspended for that? Oh my. It’s a shame when the players have valid points and get punished for sharing them on the forums.

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It’s regarded as shouting, idk why that’s a problem, but the @moderators can explain

Yeah I know all about caps and shouting on the internet. But he had valid points and just gets punished instead. I mean who would get offended by that post?


Really hope chases go back to normal (3 a week with up to 15,000 a day). If you’re stuck inside, you have a higher chance of getting some coins, and you also know how much you are getting so you can plan for the future. The chases yesterday could’ve benefitted my future power-leveling of stigymoloch, but because RNG decided my yield, I had to put that off a little longer

I hope they do too. There’s no sense in changing how they worked from before.

Yep. I hope I have enough coins to get my stigy up to about level 24 while getting max to 30. The “chase” really screwed me up big time

As I need Tuojiangosaurus to help out in Raids, I’ll be all after her this week. Nothing else I need though.

They update the “official” thread with this weeks Dino and added a note that there only one a day.

So this goes from Ludia error to working as intended.

Someone at Ludia clearly thinks there giving to much stuff away.

@Evicton I believe I called it a couple days ago but didn’t have to email😑