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14-20 Weekly Schedule

@Evicton I believe I called it a couple days ago but didn’t have to email😑


I was looking at the sensor towers for this game and noted their App Store revenue had dropped from 1 mil in June to 900k in July and August.

And thought nothing of it considering that doesn’t include play store revenue.

Ludia: Were giving away to much free. Get rid of the free rare incubator and replace it with a coin chase. But not a regular coin chase… cause they only get 1 chest a day and rng will determine how much they get. But promote they will respawn every hour all over social media. Promote a premium incubator as well. When they realize their not getting all those coins for free some will breakdown and buy some coins.

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Makes sense, sadly. They also decreased the amount of coins found in the strike towers, didn’t they?

Then there are the premium-only coin sales… It’s safe to say they’re pushing coins harder than boosts now.

Honestly I’d rather that… if the cost of having three boost strikes a week is less coins then I’d rather have the boosts.

I know for some who play unboosted it’s worse… but boosts>coins for gameplay impact… so it’s an ok trade off.

And if Ludia would come out and say that I’d be cool with that… “it’s the whole look at this Coin chase we’re pretending is great and will benefit you” stuff that gets me.

All caps suspension for a few hours lol wow. I’m a moderator of a 2Pac site and this is elementary :man_facepalming:

Anyways, so the original treasure chases were maybe 2 different kinds. You could get I think 4 a day at one point. Then the other which was my favorite, as many as you needed to get max at 25,000 coins a day. That was legit. I would get the green and orange supply drops maxed then get the treasure boxes. It was the best chase offered.

So once covid happened and nobody could go outside to get coins anymore, Ludia thought it would be a good idea to…can I use caps? Better not…take away all the coin chases and not provide any coin sales to the free players and for sure did not make it easier for players to get coins. They sure kept their real money deal going while everyone was out of the job due to covid though.

So they replace the wonderful treasure chase with an incubator. Super lame and nowhere near as beneficial to the players as all those coins. THEN they changed it again and took away the rotation of incubators and gave us a lame 5k incubator each Saturday. Now we get the treasure chase back and are able to collect ONE a day…ugh, just give us the rare incubator at the end of the week again.

Yeah yeah I know it seems I’m ungrateful but am I ungrateful or is Ludia taking away what they gave us originally and making it worse each time now? Why can’t we collect the 25,000 coins each chase? Why couldn’t they just have left the coin chase open during Covid? They kept the towers and event drops open. Same difference isn’t it? Did they take my suggestion for a 3rd tab in the battle menu for towers during covid? No.

I wonder who gets paid the big bucks to make these great ideas? Amber club hit me up I have some suggestions for the most valuable players to pass along to your personal support member. VIP+

Didn’t it work normally for some players?
Like with it respawning every hour?

That is how it was intended to work I’m sure

Not only once a day
Ludia clearly told the moderators the wrong thing

It just doesn’t make sense to spawn once per day
That’s stupidness