140 Darts 🎯 Max?


Why am I only receiving 140 darts max?? I can’t go over no matter how many I earn.


Because it is The cap? 140 out of 140? They should do something To increase The limit. Would be Nice


Why indeed. I guess they think it is a balanced amount. Perhaps they will allow us to increase capacity for donations in the future. I think that would be a good idea.


Yes! Purchasable “Expanded Dart Clips” of +20, +40 and a temp bonus +100 “Crate of darts” that adds 100 to the total but not to the base.

Also, different kinds of darts.

Auto Dart - Shoots a stream of darts for reduced DNA on each hit.
Homing Darts - Darts the direct hit if you release anywhere in the circle
Slowing “Net” Darts - Darts the slow the dino down
Extractor Darts - More DNA per shot


I have never needed more than 140, except when I was just starting out and darting everything I saw.


Rather a “nice to have” in my opinion. Never had a problem with that limit and there are bigger priorities in which the devs should invest their time in :upside_down_face:


Might be a glitch but I’ve been in the upwards of 1000… no I’m not cheating either… it’s just always gone passed the cap ever since I downloaded it


If you buy darts you can go past the cap.


I’ve bought some incubators so maybe that’s what let it go passed cap


My husband plays too, and he can go past 140 without buying more😡