142M update but no changes?


Hey all I just got another mystery update this time it was 142M in size but my version did not change more pre-patching maybe???


Mine was a 63mb update, don’t see anything new.


Probably just some little stealth changes to spawn rates or KI strength.


WHAT? KI strength? How to fight vs ki-dinos??? Are you talking about JW:A or do you just want to be important?


if you go to “my collection” under “my team” there are numbers on the right side again… (like 68/101)…
after every Update it switches: one time on the right side also stands “my collection” and one time there is listed how much of how much dinos you have. i seen that often switching. its very annoying


You don’t want to know how to fight the KI … you will experience it soon enough. Or check out the 50 topics/rants about it (yes, in JWA).


would love for them to actually reply / inform us of the updates they make, thats one way to please customers :slight_smile:


Your mystery update was bigger than mine. I only had a 63mb update today.


Mine still doesn’t show the numbers. I noticed it had gone after the last update.