146 Dragons max

So Ludia, WHY when there are 170 dragons for us to achieve in the book of dragons at this point, are we MAXED OUT AT 146. For that matter, are you ever going to let us advance past level 50? Or is that it?


We’ve had 20 as our level cap in Jurassic World alive which is almost 2 years old now. I would guess that it stays at 50.

Thanks for the info. That’s disturbing…

And, our Dinos max out at 30. They did introduce boosts so people could continue to level their dinosaurs’ stats, but that then that became a problem.

I have 150 slots not 146.
More would be welcome anyway, and not saying to make them free, but at least have the option to purchase.

I have 150at lvl 50. If you are lvl 50 fill up your roster then hatch/ breed 4 more Dragons so you can buy the last of the slots.

I already bought all it will let me buy- 146. It only gives me the option to “trade off dragons to make space”.

But you are STILL missing the point- 170 dragons so far, and we haven’t even added the new group they are hinting at, yet we’re stopped at 146 for me and 150 for you? WHY??? Seems pretty absurd. Let us but more space, or BETTER YET, let us just keep advancing indefinitely like 99% of other games do. Where’s the problem?

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Yeah, we should be able to still buy more spots via runes or even subscription. Mine’s not cap, it’s mostly dupes I’m strugggling with and I’ve had to kick out a few dragons that weren’t so good - or at least useful for breedery - to have 10 spots free, current time.

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