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15 Darts without VIP

Has anybody been able to do this? At best I’ve gotten 13 darts…15 darts in one drone session doesn’t seem attainable unless you have VIP and extended battery…

You’re right, it’s not possible unless you’re VIP.

Yeah, this has to be changed. You don’t even need to have VIP to be a well paying customer.
It also makes the 10 direct hits on an epic achievement way more difficult. This should be changed to something like “get outstanding on an epic” instead. Hard enough as it is.


The epic one is fine because it’s a challenge, and should be viewed as such while being possible. But having an achievement that basically says “Give us money” is ridiculous

It’s a challenge alright. Something that happens once a year for some players, if at all. I wouldn’t say that’s a fair chance for progressing.

I’m fine if they want to have achievements that require VIP, but there shouldn’t be Pay to Play achievements that block progress or opening of additional achievements.

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