15 min ad skip, where is it?


Starting this morning, my 15 min incubator skip has disappeared. Are they seriously gonna make us pay for everything now? I’ve checked multiple times on different incubators, but no ads can be watched. This is getting ridiculous…


Last 10-15 incubators it only gave me twice to skip/watch Looks like that option will be really rare


I can skip the last 15 minutes regularly, maybe like half of the time I get the option, the other half I have to pay 3 coin or wait. But the add-15-minute-skip always comes back :slight_smile:


I used to be able to always skip it, I did it every time. Now I don’t even get the option once anymore…


Be patient, it will come back. Just not always


Probably limit per day. Sometimes it takes a minute to show up for me but eventually does


The option was missing for me today and no supply drops had it either.


I’m on the opposite side of this argument. They ONLY offer the video ad on these incubators in some instances and I actually prefer to pay to skip them because it’s so much cheaper than opening other incubators.

I open an incubator any time I have full slots until I have all Gold incubators. It’s my nightly strategy that I use to climb leagues. It costs a lot of bucks though but yeah I’m not waiting to watch the video so I want the bucks option to come back on those. You can use bucks to get the entire thing done but once you start the incubator you have to wait it out. I ended up opening a more expensive incubator to clear a spot and keep battling.

It’s not a huge deal but it did seem weird to me I couldn’t just open it.


I normally find going into and out of the incubator a few times after it is below 15 minutes causes it to switch to watch. I’ve only had 1 or 2 where it hasn’t


… You guys have the option to skip it?

Outside of the very first one (tutorial arena) I’ve never had the option to skip by watching a video. The little ones have always cost 3 cash.


lol poor you, i get the option like half of the time, both in incubators and supply drops. Actually it’s weird how it’s different for everyone. What does it depend on?