15 min battle incubator


GET RID OF IT! battles are hard won especially lately and to get 15 min incubator out of it is a huge middle finger. I’d rather keep it to the 3 hr etc and wait it out for the DNA etc. Major reason I do the battles is for incubator, I don’t care about rankings at all.


No keep it. It’s my only source of Irritator dna right now. All you need to do is activate it then immediately watch an advert and fight again to get another longer one.


Funniest part about this post is that 15 minute incubators are better than 3 hour ones :rofl::rofl:


What’s not to like? You get 2 incubators in the short timeframe. Assuming you win again. Many of my trophy downslides started because a 15min incubator wouldn’t let me off the hook lol.


Nope. I stand by my statement. I don’t think the 15 min have better DNA, not for what I’ve been getting on my longer wait time incubators. And we all know how to watch the video to burn thru the 15 mins no thanks to Sherlock for solving that issue. Idiot thinks they’re the only one to have figured that out.


The 15 min ones are better. I hate the 3 hour ones.


You know when you are losing an argument when you call others idiots. You’re the sort that can only name call people because they disagree with you. It’s sad really.


15 mins are the best ones, always get a sneaky epic dna in there.


Agree that 15-minute incubators are much better than the 3-hour ones. Would be happy if I could get them more often!


They need to get rid of the the 12 hour one, it is like a 15 minute one but longer…and you don’t even get any epic the others like the 8 hour and the 24 hour one you get


they really are better than the 3 hour ones and you can watch a video and open them immediately. the free one you get every 6 hours is usually better than the 3 hour one. stygimoloch gen 2 and proceratosaurus incubator.

the worst part is that then you have an open incubator slot, so you have to battle again :frowning:


Need open slots to fuel the battle incubator.


I started keeping the 15min one around as an emotional check. If I feel confident and have time to battle I can do it right away instead of waiting 3+ hours. If i’m in a bad losing streak and need to take a break, the 15min incubator is taking up the 4th slot giving me a reason to stop and walk away until I feel better.


I don’t like 15min incubator but that’s mostly because I don’t enjoy this luck based pvp. When you lose many matches and finally able to break that losing streak just to get 15min incubator when all you really want is not to battle for next 3 hours and have one longer incubator which gives you some dna. It is so frustrating. Sure I would just stop playing pvp and not have any incubator, but that’s just stupid to me.