15 min incubators


Anyone else noticed you can’t watch a short ad to speed up the 15min incubators anymore!?


I just watched a video about 30mins ago to unlock a 15min incubator.


Hmmm i wonder if it’s got something to do with your level maybe - what level are ya?


I have only just gone to level 7.


Sometimes it takes a moment after clicking the incubator before it switches from cash to ad for me. (level 7)


Yeah it used to be like that for me too - a 3 second delay or so, but the last one i went to pop counted all the way down to 0 without the option for a vid.

I am however level 10, so that may be the difference.


You have to have no other incubators in running time if you want to utilize the watch video to speed up!


Nope - it’s a thing, at level 10 there’s no free speed ups :frowning:


Im level 10, theres speed ups. Before last update the videos on supply boxes disappeared from me while my friend had them. Not that i mind i had none, made spinning boxes faster.


I remember the same happened to me today :thinking: lvl7, maybe it’s a kind of random thing?