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15 Tweaks That Could Balance the Meta

I’m not metahub, I’m no top 500 arena boss, but these are my thoughts:

  1. Thorodolosaur
    -Lose Defense Shattering Rampage, Gain Armor Piercing Rampage
    -Lose Instant Charge, Gain Stunning Impact
  2. Trykosaurus
    -Reduce .5X Counter to .25X
  3. Indominus Rex
    -Armor Piercing Strike becomes Precise Armor Piercing Strike
    -Gain 10% Armor
  4. Gigaspikasaur
    -Rampage becomes Decelerating Rampage
  5. Nodopatotitan
    -Increase Critical Chance to 20%
    -.25X Counter becomes Minimal Rending Counter
  6. Geminititan
    -Lose Instant Distraction, Gain Distracting Rampage
  7. All base Raptors, Pyrritator, and Spinotahraptor*
    -Basic strikes become new basic move Velocity Strike @Raven post for details
  8. Spinotahsuchus
    -Strike becomes Cleansing Strike
  9. Stygidaryx
    -Lose Lethal Swoop, Gain datamined move Maiming Wound (1X with .4X Max HP DoT 2 Turns)
  10. Pterovexus
    -Swoop becomes Lethal Swoop
  11. Tuoramoloch
    -Gain 20% Armor
  12. Utasinoraptor
    -Reduced to 10% Armor
  13. Utarinex
    -Instant Charge becomes Acute Stun
  14. Diplotator
    -Gain Swap in Distraction
  15. Megalosuchus
    -Gains Swap in Shattering Strike

Do you agree with this? What balance changes would you make?


just no to any Utarinex nerf :smiley: poor thing got nerfed two times in a row now, do not make her become a monomimus 2.0.

If you would like to nerf or balance dinos start with Erlidom :smiley: because I can’t see her on the list


I dont get the purpose of nerfing a creature, when the real problem is the DISTRIBUTION of Stat Boosts is what making these dinos waaay to OP. Now as I said, i dont oppose stat boosts, but it would be better for everybody who plays JWA, if all Stat Boosts could ONLY be obtained from Stat Boost Strikes, and also maybe from 12hr to 24hr incubators as I have suggested before. And those creatures that u are suggesting to be nerfed are called UNIQUES for a reason, bc they are the ENDGAME Dinos and are also hard to get. Now all that grinding would not be worth it anymore if thats they would get.


I thought it’d be a buff to rinex really, but I can see why it wouldn’t be on the other hand as well

I also think Erlidominus is fine personally, plenty of capable counters.

Any balance ideas of your own are most welcome!

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My motives aren’t straight nerfing them, I use them as well. There’s too many creatures that are unused because some Uniques are overly good which is really where the problem lies.

Boosts just exacerbate the problem

I see. Its just thats i wouldnt be motivated anymore to make thor and also utarinex if they apply those changes to thor and utarinex. Insta charge is there for a reason, and that is because its from its sino counterpart. The latter part of your suggestions are actually pretty helpful to those dinos

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Plus swap in distraction to traynolophosaur to counter some dino

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Good idea!

I’d wanna see turomoloch get ragenerate and run

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Regular Thor has only 109 speed, Instant Charge helps it a bit. It is a Unique which deserves the 3 Defense Shattering moves. It’s the boosts which make it too strong.
Now it is a meta full of DS moves, tanks cannot survive. Bringing back APR to Stegodeus makes it more viable.


Give Stegod some counter attack, x0.25 is fine.

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They shoulf buff Erluspinx or however is pronounced, make it a little faster than Erlidominus or give it a SIA that buff its attack or it dodge when it enters so it can compete with Erlindom better specially since everyone has buffed to stupid levels the Erlindom also yeah, taka away the Insta charge of the Thoradolosaurus its rodiculous high attack and high crits chance added with the speed buff you might as well give up if you dont have a bleeding dino that is faster

People tend to use what is good.

I agree with this. Thor isn’t that great and once we all kind of even out with boosts this will become common knowledge again. The fact tanks are a bit underpowered in general is an issue.

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Maybe Ludia should make Thor loses it’s DSI and Change it API.tarbo and Allo both have API

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Change meta:

  1. make hyper hybride
  2. skill tree (boost) for each dino

Agreed. Thor is fine as it is, no one complained about it being too strong before boosts came in, it wasn’t even tyrant. And yeah, in the current meta, I see no reason why tanks such as Stegod can’t have armor piercing moves, I mean, that tail gotta be able to pierce some armor right? While I agree that the superiority strike change was beneficial, taking away AP moves from tanks was unnecessary, I say give it back to them.


Wow I am shocked that Dracoceratops is not on the list. :roll_eyes::smirk:

It was just a nuisance before, but the damage-boosted ones sound OP in the higher arenas. If they’re really one-shotting everything then another tweak could be changing SI-DSR to an SI rending move like rending takedown. Health boosts mean it might still not be one-shotted, but it wouldn’t be able to one-shot anything either. Plus it would do better against bosses like Lord Lythronax or even higher-level tanks. If crit boosts are ever introduced, this would make the rat more manageable. Low-health creatures would be more usable.