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150% MORE FREE tapjoy offer isn’t 150% more


Ludia, 150% “more” means you multiply the base by 2.5


Anyways, 0x1.5 or even 0x2.5 is still 0 when they refuse to pay up.


I’ve read about this multiple times but I have always gotten all the free bucks…


150% = 1.5x



No he’s right. 150% more implies your getting 150% on top of the already 100% you’re recieving


If it was 100% more, it would be base time 2. So 150% should be base times 2.5.

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50% more does not mean you end up with half of what you started with.

150% more free means on top of.

They are offering 50% more, not 150% more.


Correct. What they are actually offering is only 50% more. But their announcement/advertisement says they are offering 150% more. So they either need to fix the ad, or bump up the reward to match the ad.


Or, more likely, they simply won’t do an absolute nothing as they’ve always done (see bugs lasting in the game for months so that they have a bunch of free time to nerf dinos and screw more the player base)

Yesterday I cancelled my VIP membership


Tapjoy scammed me i put a ticket in 3 days ago and still nothing done i am case 1373899 still pending