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151/162 Methodically Making Dino's

After methodically making every legendary, now I am working on the unique’s. I’ve nicely laid out all the unique dinos I have left with their components and am looking at what I have and which ones are actually obtainable.

Of the 11 I have left, 6 are going to be obtainable, unless components become available by way of migration, events or mission rewards.

I will be working on the next 3 simultaneously but those are going to be slow going. Dracoceratops, Ardentismaxima and Grypolyth look to be achievable first but keep the next 3 on the back burner and just store up any DNA components for those.


A lot of the dino’s are from other zones and since I live and work in L1, I just don’t get out to the other zones enough to run into a lot of those all that often so I have hope for events or use the sanctuary’s which is really slow.

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