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15m incubators

It’d be cool if we got the choice between watching the ad or spending cash to open them. I know which I’d choose :eyes:

If you want to pay cash to open the 15min, you just need to activate a 3, 8, 12 or 24 hr incubator and afterwards open the 15min incubator with cash.


Every 15 minute incubator I activate switches to “Watch” within 5 seconds of activating it…

Not sure why anyone would want to spend HC to open the worthless incubator…

I personally wish you could simply discard incubators if you didn’t want them…


Time is money? And some people don’t like to reward ads. I did it today because I mis clicked a 3 hour instead of the 15 and I didn’t want to wait to free a spot to get my next big incubator on rotation. 3HC for my impatience and mistake

I find the 15 minute incubator often carries the arena exclusive Dino’s. It’s self selection but the 15 minute often has that sweet sweet irritator in it. Not much. But it be there.

To each there own.

Seriously? Just 30 seconds at most…

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If you already have an incubator cooking you can’t watch the ad sadly, as the 15m garbage can needs to be first activated and after 1-5 seconds it comes up with Watch.
They probably did the 5 second thing as a way to stop it being Watched while another is already cooking, as that timer cannot start till it’s active.

Also I know when I’m expecting a 15m incubator even when I don’t follow the cycle, know how? I’ll lose 20 matches in a row first, then I’ll get it.


I’m confused. You can watch the 15m incubator. I do all of mine. If it shows bucks to pay I tap off and go back to it and it normally will say watch. But you can’t do this if you have an active incubator. I’ll just wait for my active to finish and then watch the 15m. In case you didn’t know you can also watch any incubator after the 15m mark.

Luckily for me when I try to watch the ad 9 times out of 10 my app will crash and I have to do it again.

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I have that happen also.

What helps is to watch the ad, let the playstore screen come up fully, wait a few seconds. Close the play store screen, wait a few seconds. Open the game and the incubator will pop up.
When I try to close screens too fast the game usually crashes, restarts and the watch ad option is available again, frustrating.

For me it’s as soon as I hit watch it’ll crash. Sometimes I’ll see a few seconds of the ad.

I find I get better DNA from a 15 min than most 12 hours; definitely not a waste of effort opening them


Ehehe. I’m impatient I guess. But now I’m also acutely aware of all the reasons why I’m wrong :blush: just an idea I was floating out there, no worries.