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15m Speedup Video - No Option Under 15m

It’s nice that they’ve added time during the incubator process to speed up multiple times by watching multiple videos (looks like the cap is 6). Now suddenly, I can’t watch under 15m? I sped up earlier once just to see what would happen. Nowhere near 6 times. Very frustrating to restart my game roughly 7 times and still just have to watch the clock tick tick tock tock. Anyone else running in to this same issue?

Worked for me but I had to wait a bit for the option to become available.

It never worked on a 3H I opened (the one referenced in my initial post), but it was fine with the 15m I opened next. Maybe it’s a glitch if you do try to speed up earlier in the process?

Not sure. I tried it on a 3h one when it has 1h remaining and when it went to below 15 min I did it again. The watch button just didn’t appear right away.

I literally watched mine count for a minute each time after I restarted. It’s frustrating but I guess good to know it isn’t a global problem and maybe won’t happen a lot!

Hope so :slight_smile: either way it’s nice you can speed it up a but more now.

Well, I’m unhappy to report that TWO MORE 3Hs and no option to speed up. I have NOT exceeded the maximum allowed speedups today. I have used that TWICE. Awesome. Guess I get to deal with support :frowning:

Doesn’t work for me under 15m either :unamused:

I’ve had this happen with a 3 hour incubator too. I was at 24 minutes, I said “Nah, I’ll wait until it gets to 15.” Well… the option disappeared and I had to wait the full 15 minutes even while leaving the phone on the arena screen. Also, restarting didn’t help.

Hey KelKelAZ, if you haven’t already, could you send your support key over to our team at so they can take a closer look at this for you?


Thanks for reaching out, @Ned. If you’ll recall, support does not receive emails from me, but I did send a message through the app yesterday. I am going to also try to reinstall the game to see if that fixes the issue (which still remains this morning) :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully, our support team would be able to get this sorted out for you once they receive your message in the game. :sweat: