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15min Arena Incubator

Get rid of it. It’s not worth it for the headache that is the arena. Especially after you lost 2 fights and you win one and then it pops up as reward. It’s like oh you won here’s some garbage for you.


What I really hate is these are the ones you get after a 7 battle losing streak and you finally win to get this stupid 15 minute incubator.


I actually have use for it, as it gives some rare DNA and sometimes epic. And I don’t even wait 15 minutes to open it.


I agree, I also wish they would get rid of the 5 minute scent capsule you can win from scent strikes. I know its not that hard to complete the battle but it’s worth more than that!


They should get rid of 5 min scent and replace it with all the themed scents (pterosaur, theropod,etc.)

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I actually get decent rare DNA from the 15 min incubator. I’ve gotten more irri DNA from those then any of my 3 hrs. Plus incubators are on a rotation so you should know when your are getting one. It’s not random.


Most of the time when I get Irritator, it’s from the 15m ones.
I say keep em.

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Although it sucks to battle and only receive a 15 minute one, I love them. I get way better DNA in them than what I do in the 3 hour incubators.

What the heck?! Keep it in! It has very decent dna for just 15min! Or you can skip it to watch a commercial. And it counts to your daily battle incubator for opening it. And it accellerate your incubator cycle to get faster to an epic incubator. I have the feeling you dont really know this game.

and it counts to your Daily Mission quota for opening incubators

15 minutes are underated

In Aviary they guarantee at least 33 arena exclusive DNA. What’s to complain about?

Hey, at least you can get something out of it, I’d bet you’d rather have a 15 minute incubator than having nothing at all, besides, you can just watch a ad to speed it up rather than using bucks on speeding up 3 h, 8 h, etc incubators, so, please, keep them in.

If you keep any kind of track of what incubators youve earned recently you know when a 15 minute incubator is comming… its not a surprise or a conspiracy this was going to be the first incubator you recieved if you won 7 matches or lost 6 then won a match i perfer thos incubators when completing dailies

Counts for the alliance mission, gives ok DNA and they help you keep track of where you are in the rotation… I like them

15min incubators guarantee inc exclusive DNA. They are good. Keep em.

It’s always the 15mins that give me Irri, Baryg2 and Arambor. Definitely keep them, please.