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16/22... again

On my bike, miles from home and the game locks up. Yep, the 16/22 problem. Finally make my way home and try everything - twice. I try the game on my iPad - 16/22. Considering the ‘tournament’ just started, any down time is conceivably costing a player trophies and ranking. Does anyone think Ludia will do anything about that? Yeah right. It’s all about the $$, which I have paid, unfortunately. I mean, I really like this game, it just sucks that Ludia is so blatantly about the money, and not helping the people that play, let alone the ones that pay and play_ . The recent spoofer debacle is proof of that. Slap on the wrist, just keep buying coins and we don’t care.

Anyway, any closer to solving this problem? Or am I just locked out until it decides to work again - and missing out on battles and DNA the whole time?

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