16/23 Anyone?

Hey guys,

I feel like Shout (Tears for fears). The app freezed and I reloaded it then it stopped at 16/23. I know that this can only be solved with deleting and reinstalling the app.

I did so. Lost over 1GB of my internet flat with LTE but thought ok thats worth it.

Nope. App reloaded and stopped again at 16/23. never had this before.
Lost Highspeed internet for nothing. Anyone else with that problem? I don‘t know what I gotta do since this is an old problem Ludia still hasn‘t fixed.


You just need to wait until it normal. It happen to me a lot, no need to reinstall the game. Be patient.
Sometime turn on aeroplane and wait 10 second and turn off it. And try to relog

Same problem :frowning:

This happened to me for an hour last night. No fun!

put your phone on airplane mode and shut it down while on airplane mode. then restart the phone. turn off airplane mode and open the app.

It worked again after wiping my cache partition on samsung galaxy s8

I’m sorry to hear that you were having an issue getting into the game over the weekend @GermanRaptor, and our support team would be happy to try and help you if you emailed them here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support. However, could you first try some of the troubleshooting here and see if it helps: Stuck on loaded screen of game?
Also, depending on your location, try changing the time zone on your device to one that is based in North America like New York or Toronto and then relaunch the game.

The error happens to me today. I love this game but sometimes it’s exasperating. In the 50 minutes that I have from home to work (part by train) I had the usual route, that is, it has been disconnected 4 times, of those 4 times I had to restart the app twice and, this time, I had to pass the twice for the identification of google play. 5 or 6 times the application asked me if I was driving. Also, I did not update the screen on several occasions so I had to do the usual trick to change the application and return but has been slow to react. So far a “normal” day. Then I leave the train and, for the first time, stops at 16/23 and does not react. It’s been an hour, I’ve rebooted the app, I’ve restarted the phone and it’s still the same. I hope that at some point he reacts.

Right after sending the message has been connected. unfortunately, late to get the latest Euplocephalus but hey, I’m happy.