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16/24 Load screen freeze robs me of my Alanqa mission DNA


[Please read in full. Further complications/annoyances have arisen since the original complaint was lodged.]

I was 15 minutes from today’s missions resetting and was just waiting on my last incubator to fulfill the final part of today’s objectives. It was a very tight window to get all of these without spending hard cash but I did it, regardless. I even watched an ad so I could skip the remaining few (4-ish) minutes on this final incubator, then it refused to load to the relevant screen so I could exit out and back into the game.

I needed to restart the app as there is literally zero capability to circumvent a non-loading post-ad Apple Store screen.

I was halted by a 16/24 loading screen which is STILL NOW refusing to budge. At this point in time, the missions are reset and when I am capable of logging back into the game, I will quite obviously not be granted the ability to redeem my 100 Alanqa DNA which I most certainly am owed.

Now, granted, I can at this time try to offload my app and re-download the game but that was definitely not an option at the time. I was using my phone data far away from every possible source of wi-fi and the game would have taken far too long to download, regardless, in order to make up for this circumstance.

All I want is to be compensated with the DNA I have been forced to forfeit through no fault of my own.

Edit: As a sidenote, off-loading the app and re-downloading did absolutely nothing to resolve the issue.

Edit #2: Loading issue resolved itself; not sure why it decided to “just work” all of a sudden when I launched the app just now but at least I can get in again. The incubator I had running had its contents released to me but NOT the 100 Alanqa DNA for completing every mission.

Now that missions have reset, though, the incubator count went from 10 to 11, as though I had completed the full mission and subsequent redeeming of the 100 Alanqa DNA, even though…again, NO, that particular DNA was not credited to my account.


Hey there, @Richard_Merrick, I’m sorry to hear that you had so much trouble while trying to finish your last Daily Challenge! Reach out to our support team at, including your support key in the e-mail, in order to give us the opportunity to make things right as well as investigate this further so that we could possibly prevent it from re-occurring in the future. Thanks!