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16 Creature Team with 2 Game or 3 Hour Cool Down

In the spirit of creature diversity and how bored I get playing teams with the same creatures all the time, I would like to see team sizes increased to 16 creatures.

As a way to diversify it more, every creature that is used or placed into battle will have a 2 game or 3 hour cool down time before it can be randomly chosen again for play. So if you use 1, 2, 3 or all 4 in battle, the ones who were placed on the field, even if they were one shotted have to sit out for 2 games…(to rest and recover).

How will this help?

  1. This will eliminate crutch creatures where a player will throw all boosts in to one or two creatures for a win each time that creature is chosen.
  2. This will encourage having more evenly boosted creatures on your teams.
  3. Everyone will see a lot more different creatures and not know what to expect.
  4. Over powered creatures become less of a headache.

There are a lot of really good creatures, more than enough to have really good teams of 16.
Also, if your like me and would just like playing all the different creatures you can replace the used ones with unused.

An extra bonus could be given each day for using 16 different creatures in PvP battles such as getting a Food, Toy and Interaction after you hit the use of 16 creatures. In this case, having 24 decent team members would push getting the FIP in 4 or 5 battles.


Anything that gets rid of crutches

trying to level 16 creatures at once will be a headache. but i will enjoy a larger variety of team choices. there’s much more i wanna ad to my team, but i can only have 8.

I’d rather not have cooldowns, since, coming from JW:TG, the lack of cooldowns is one of the things I like about this game.

But, incentives to use different creatures sounds like something I can get behind. I’d also love to have more creatures on my team, so I’d get to use some of my less-relevant favourites without getting rid of my top lineup.

CD? No. 16 creature team? I would support that if boosts weren’t a thing.