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17/25 nothing works

Yeah, now it happened to me. 17/25, game can‘t load anymore. Tried everything now.

De- and reinstalling. Restarting my phone. De-connecting from GameCenter and reconnected. Nothing worked.

I know some other players had this too. Did it work for some? Really annoying and frustrating. :expressionless:

Had it before and GameCenter trick always worked but now even this failed.

No restart.Shutdown the phone.Happened to me today.Shutdown your phone normally,leave 20 or more sec and then open it again.

Maybe it will be fixed.

For most phones a restart is very different from a shutdown - always try the second one.

If you have a secondary device, try logging in and out of that then try your primary.

Huh, weird, back in. :thinking:

It’s happening to me now too. I’ve tried from 2 different devices, but it isn’t getting past 17 on either. I’ve restarted and shut down my phone, but it still doesn’t work.

I waited a while and it disappeared on its own.

Now I am experiencing this issue. Been stuck at 17 for about a half hour. I’m going to wait to see if it fixes itself or I’ll send in a ticket in the morning.

It’s back. It started with me being unable to activate my incubators, then locking me out after. I tried a shutdown and everything. Guess I’ll just have to wait.

…and working again.

Really weird. :confused:
I also wonder why they still can‘t fix it. Is the problem really that hard to find or just not worth the effort?

It’s happening again…
Worst part is, I’m far from home, with 5 darting attempts left on the event.

This is really annoying.

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It happens to me at the most inopportune times.
Sitting on the couch? NP!
“Running to the store” for the wife? 17/25.

It happens around once a week for me, but ALWAYS during prime playing time or when strike events will be ending in an hour.
I’ve stopped procrastinating important stuff till they find out what is causing it and fix it.


It’s also inconsistent. Once it resolved itself within an hour. This time it took 3 whole hours. 5 potential Irritators gone, just like that.

I have also been stuck on 17 for the past hour. Tried all previously mentions fixes but nothing worked.

if you are on an iphone go to setting>general>storage> and offload data for the app. then restart phone. follow the above steps but re-load the data. works for me when i get stuck on loading

I know this is getting repetitive, but it’s happened again. Only this time I missed my daily 100 Carbo DNA because of it. As if I wasn’t having enough bad luck with Carbo already…
It’s working now, but the damage has been done.