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17 Players ranging from 500-5000 trophies looking for a new alliance

Hey all alliance leaders,

If you are in need of some alliance members I have a bunch for you. They don’t all come as a package though, so you can just recruit 1 or recruit all 17 of you choose. These are a diverse group of players ranging extreme differences in level and power. If you are at all interested in any of these players contact myself (@MINMI) or my two helpers, @Cheeseeater & @Caleb_Isaacs thank you for considering to find these players a home.

Side note: They don’t have any criteria for an alliance

@MINMI I just started a new alliance (The Phantom ThievesX) and I’m looking for some members to help get us on our feet. If any of them are willing to help work with a new alliance then send them my way!

Min level is 10 and discord is a must and they need to at least get 10 ko’s in the tourney. But that’s basically all I ask. (Well besides being active)

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Ok awesome! How many are you looking to recruit?

Hmm. I’d say 5-10 would be good to help us start. :3

Ok great. And once again your alliance is ThePhantom TheivesX. Correct?

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The Phantom ThievesX (this is how it’s spelt)

Yep! You can tell them to message me on discord JustAGirlOnDiscord#2245 and I’ll invite them to the alliance and the alliance discord.

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Now note there are 13 players instead of 17

Idk if any have discord

We can always ask (:

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You guys are life savers right now lol.

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Well thank you for recruiting them in the first place. I am sure it means a lot to them.

Hi! We just cleared out a few still at 0 trophies, and have a few openings. I’m Moeneek02#1601 on Discord. Our alliance is called YouBetJurassican. We are a 10/10 alliance, with 3 shared sanctuaries getting tier 8 (tier 9 on 5 week cycles) in the tournaments. We have a few small rules, but are pretty easygoing as long as the players are active. Would be happy to chat with anyone still looking for a new home! :hugs:


Is 560trophies enough?

Not sure if you were replying to me? We don’t have a minimum trophy requirement- I try to keep the group diverse, but we do prefer higher leveled players. We will make exceptions, though, for eager and active newer players. And we do require everyone to get at least 10 takedowns in the tournaments. Send me a PM and we can chat on Discord!

Im replying to moeneek, im an active player, i play 8-9 pvps every day, almost active all the time

I’d be interesting in some new recruits for my alliance if there are any available still.

My discord Id is Blue3y3s #0464, I’m the leader of The Chaos Theory. I can offer them 3 lvl 20 co op sanctuaries, a junk Dino day (discuss if interested)… much more…

Hey I have a good core group and building a new alliance in ARK. I do have room for 17 players and willing to train and help with all raids. We can carry all raids even APEX. Feel free to reach out to me here or on Discord. Ripcords#9003


we always search for active members!

Please check:

Thank you.

Hi there,

I just started a new alliance and need of players. Have my discord set up with my very own private bot. Have an inter alliance alliances and work together to help low level players do raids. If anybody is interested for more details lmk. Im afraid to make a mistake here in the forums.