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17 Straight Days of Boost Sales - Can You Overmilk a Cow? I Mean, Whale?

Wonderfull matchmaking you got there.


They must not be happy with boost salea since many have woken up to them, so they having extra sales to make up for it.

Maybe full time sales are sooner than I thought, as they seem to be doing “The frog in boiling water” thing, slowly upping the number of weekly boost sales hoping the payers dont notice xD


"And in Jurassic World I saw,
Ten thousand sales, maybe more,
People spending without thinking,
People boosting without reason,
People boosting Thors, that Dracos always fear,
But no one dared…disturb the flow…of salessss

Fool said I how cant you know?
Sales like a cancer grow,
Heed my words that I might, warn you,
Take the lead and try and, help too!
But my words, like ratings, only fell
And sales swelled, within the world…of dinos"


This is actually pretty typical now.

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Not to be a wet towel, but having a losing streak that coincides with a boost sale actually makes perfect sense.

Say you and your opponent are both at at 50% win rate and have the exact same trophy count to start. Now he/she applies the boosts to their team while you do not. Nothing yet has changed, you both still have the same trophy count but your opponent suddenly has a stronger team. Match making will still match the two of you (one round of boosts isn’t going to make their team strength so much greater that you won’t be paired with them) So, of course now you’ll lose ground to them.

Each and every time there is a boost sale, if you choose not to buy, you can expect you’ll lose a handful of trophies to those that did, which is exactly the point of them being offered. You have to pay just to keep pace.


Its a never ending arms race with Ludia selling to both sides.


Exactly right Somedinoguy, and unlike pre 1.10 there is much less chance to put some boosts on something different as it’s way too expensive to do so.

So we have the same battles against the same teams time after time after time. And the winner is the player who puts the most boosts on their team.


Not a wet blanket at all. I think we’re all saying the same thing actually.


I suspect they chased off any remaining casual buyers with the stupid prices and now can only focus on whales, hence all the sales.


And once all the top players have maxed out their chosen dinos and stop buying boosts then ludia will move on to some other cash cow scheme. Micro transactions are a thing of the past for them. They want big $$$$ now, not the $5.00 penny annie stuff.


Whats funny is the 5 dollar stuff makes way more money then this game and its inflated prices.


Oh my goodness!!! Another boost sale today?! Why this is madness! That’s at least three days in a row!

Wow, I cannot thank you enough Lidia for giving me another chance to try to get ahead at only $30 per level increase in any one of three areas.

The only problem is I cannot decide if I should spend my hard-earned cash on two boost increases or go for the $75 incubator to increase damage on my F2P dinosaur pocket game.

Heck, maybe I should do both! I mean it is only $160 to do 3 boost bumps and get the incubator. And I know that investment will never go to waste from a nerf or meta change.

What else would I do with that money anyway? It would be silly to spend it on an entire game console, or three console games, or presents for the kids, or a nice dinner and a movie out with my wife, or food, or…


What is nice, when I look at top grossing in Google Play store, the game has dropped 10 spots since December 11th, so these boost sales do not appear to be doing any good. Maybe someone will get the hint.


Who needs to pay rent, mortgage or eat when you can max boost a dinosaur xD

I also wouldn’t be surprised if boosts are permanent now…not saying they are, but if they don’t go away thats the sign I mentioned to look for a while back and to abandon ship.

Full time boost sales are this games Death Knell!


Yes, it’s been 3 days now that they have been on sale. I vote that Lidia drops the pretense of trying to be fair to their customers or interested in balanced gameplay and just leave the boosts up every day at this point. I mean, who are they kidding anymore?

Their strategy is clear. They should take ownership and at least be honest and accountable. Let’s stop pretending this is a thing okay?


NO Ludia, NO. I will NEVER pay 2000 HC for 100 boosts, which means ONE level-up, which means ONE small increase at health, damage OR speed on ONE creature. BTW I will NEVER buy anything on this game. I mean, 15,000 HC cost 100 dollars. Here in Brazil most people earn less than 500 dollars a month, many at less than 250 dollars, and that’s to pay rent, food and everything else for their whole families. Fortunately I earn way more than that, but I’d still give this money to some charity or something rather than increasing a lit bit of the stats of some electronic pictures of dinosaurs in a mobile game.

I’m not even much higher on the ranks, now that I’ve got a team of level 24-25 mostly tyrant unique dinos, than back when I had mostly level 20 legendaries. There’s almost no progress for leveling up, thanks to your awful system (I came here to create a topic to question it). So it’s simple math (or no-math), I’d have to spend maybe 500-1000 dollars to get me maybe 100 more trophies. Which would still mean NOTHING for my life.

I REALLY REALLY wonder how is it that there exists a single person in the whole world who will spend this kind of money on a pocket game like this. I wouldn’t spend even if I earned 1 million dollars a month.


Does anyone want to bet on if there will be another boost sale tomorrow? :wink:

I said back when they announced boosts 2.0 the level cap on boosts would give Ludia the reason to sell them in the store every day.

People were like no were gonna have a slow rollout this time.

Hows that “slow rollout going”


and characters…

Is there a limit on the number of boosts you can buy at one time? Pretty sure that will go away and the minimum boost purchase will be 100. Maximum? Use your imagination.

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