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-170 dna of allosinosaurs when i upgrade him


Guys i have a big problem i have 190dna of allosinosaurs and i have dna to upgrade him and i press upgrade and i see -170 dna and other dna disappear i dont know how it is possibile plis help


Restart the app

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I do this all the time 3h and nothing maybe uinstall and install again ? I think the support can fix it only


Write a ticket in and remember what time you fused ans got -170 and they will restore it


Thnx im write a ticket on the game on page help/support and now im waiting for message maybe support can fix it :grinning:


Let me know what they say! :slight_smile:


Sure but stil im waiting :grinning: 3 days xd


Anyone knows how long i must wait for any answer from ludia support ?xdd


They seem busy at the moment so maybe 7 days or so. It can vary. I waited 5 days on last ticket and im still waiting for a reply since friday


Okey so we waiting :grinning: