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18/23 scanning for dinosaurs issue (Cannot login)

Bug Description: 18/22 (Now 18/23) Connection Issue

Area is was found in: Login Screen

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Buy something from the JWA in-game store that costs real money
Step 2 - Logout of game and no longer can get back in!
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Every single time I purchase something that costs real money, EVERY time!
Happens on both my iPhone and iPad!

What type of device are you using: iPhone 5s and iPad mini 2

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
If I purchase something from the in-game store that costs real money, the next time I try and login to the game it gets stuck at 18/23 scanning for dinosaurs (previously 18/22), and the only way to fix it is to delete the entire game and re-download it and install again.

This doesn’t just happen from time to time, its 100% guaranteed to happen if I purchase anything from the in-game store!
I don’t buy anything anymore because of it!

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Hey Stiffeno, depending on your location, try changing the time zone setting on your device to one that is based in North America like New York or Toronto and see if that helps. There was also a new update that was released that should help with some of the connection in the game. You might need to go into your app store and manually update to the latest version if you have auto-updates turned off on your device.

Ok I’ll just buy like 500 dinobux tomorrow and see if it is fixed.

Do I change the settings and THEN buy something? Or buy something and then change settings and see if I can login? Because right now I can login coz I’ve not bought anything since I had to reinstall JWA!

Also my game is updated.

Why on Earth would he want to change the time on his phone to one that’s not his own? :joy: doesn’t matter if I get to work on time as long as I get those Dinobux

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I think they mean just to test if I can then login, and switch time back…least I hope so hahaha

We recommend trying this method when the issue occurs again. If you’re able to load back into the game, try changing the time zone back to the original one and see if the issue happens again. If it happens again, our support team would be glad to take a look and see what the problem could be if you contacted them at with your support key included in your email.

Ok so ive got a few things to report:

First of all I went to the store and bought some DinoBux, then logged out to see if the issue still occurs. It did, was unable to log back in, so the latest update didn’t fix the issue!

Then I closed the game and went into my iPhone settings and switched the timezone from “Automatic” to New York…it WORKED! I was then able to login and play as normal without reinstalling the game.

Then I went back and switched back to my Sydney, Australia timezone and was then unable to login again…stuck at 18/23 -_-!

Changed to manually to Sydney instead of it Auto setting to Sydney and still couldn’t login.
Changed back to New York and could login fine!

Very strange bug im having =/