1M coins later

I now have my Smilonemys created and to level 29. No boosts on her yet so I hope she can hold her own in battle until I can get some to put on it. Anyone else have decent luck with their kitty cat?

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She’s great. Gets countered by a solid chunk of the meta like magna, indog2, tryko and max, but as long as you stay away from those, you got yourself a powerful tank. Mine is 27, weakest thing on my team and holds her own fairly well.

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I actually use mine as a starter and I love it. I can usually rampage, rampage and run into something else and bring her back in later to do it again. She’s actually a great Indo2 counter with enough attack (shielding decel, then precise pounce). Against a faster Mags, I Prowl (to cleanse any distraction) and then make them choose on the next attack whether to null my prowl or take the chance with DSR (and I hopefully dodge). Then I R&R out of there.

Mine is lvl 29 and one of my favorite draws. I should have it to 30 really soon. I was supposed to today after 5 Smiloceph attempts, but fuses were not kind.


The Christmas chicken does not like her. Nor does Erlidom. I need more Pachy to keep my leveling going. I think she will get my boosts for a while. I wish I had plenty of turtle dna to take pokey to lvl 30. I loved using her in a tournament.

Oh yeah I love Nemys vs. Erlidom. The biggest trouble I have is with Tryko and Dio because it’s some mind games I have the turtle to take it to 20 but I’m lacking Pachy as well. Back to fipping in sancs. I’m 680/750 so hopefully soon.

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smilonemys is one of my faves. I’ve only got 3 speed boosts on her atm (does a bit better when faster than the heavy damage speedies) but she still helps me take out indo g2s, erlidoms, proceras, and thors.


I’ve beaten a 26 overboosted Erlidom with a 21 unboosted Nemys, so yes, Erlidom doesn’t like Nemys for sure

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I love mine. Definitely get it’s speed to at least T4. Great counter to those Super Thor’s. Providing the stun lands. Which is fun.

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Not according to the simulator. It’s best counters are Magna, which beats it a pitiful 30% of the time, same with Grypolyth. Tryko isn’t mentioned at all.

And Smilonemys counters Indo G2 and Maxima decently to well, apparently.

I suppose you could try it out in friendlies to see for yourself.

Sims are inaccurate for that dino then. Tried them out. I know what beats Nemys. I’ve been using it since October.

I know the sim results can be slightly off, but that’s a huge difference. I wouldn’t trust the arena results unless your opponents are at equal levels and boosts.

Magna wins.

First impact does 1050 to Nemys.
Nemys either Prowls or Pounces.
If Nemys Prowls, go for whichever Impact you didn’t use on T1.
If the Nemys didn’t Prowl, it’s over. It needs to run and leave the matchup if it wants to stay alive against Magna.

Maxima wins

Definite Strike DSR kills
If it likes to prowl, 3 Definite Strikes kill
Nemys doesn’t have the damage to kill Maxima. like with Magna, it needs to run.

IndoG2 wins

Cautious Strike does 700 damage to Nemys.
Nemys needs to either shield deccel or prowl.
If it shield deccels, indog2 can use CS again, regain speed advantage, and kill it.
If the Nemys prowls, IndoG2 can use CS into shield deccel accordingly until it has the speed advantage again, and then DSR for a kill. No doubt Nemys would have taken at LEAST 2 strikes at that point. Nemys should not win this matchup if the IndoG2 user knows how to play it.

Tryko wins, but honestly there’s so much priority debuff and prowling shenanigans I won’t even bother mapping it out. All I know is that Tryko almost always wins. If it even gets ONE DSR in, distracted or otherwise, Nemys is a gonner.

Common trend with Nemys in all those matchups is that it needs to run. I think that might be influencing the inaccurate number a little. Or just cointoss matchups. No idea.

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I know that Indo G2 can beat it if played right, because I calculated that matchup a while ago. It is odd.