1st Community Design Challenge Winner: Alankycera!

Welcome all forum goers, over in the JWA Artwork topic we decided to try out something new and put together a community design contest. It’s somewhat small scale now, but anyone who is interested in participating in a future challenge or seeing some very talented artists Dino inspired work check them out here:
JWA Artwork!

The theme of this trial run contest was: “Hyperherbivores
These were all made with only herbivore(or pterosaur) DNA in every ingredient, created to be Unique rarity. The artists notes of their creations moves and behavior will either be included in their own words beneath their art, or on the art itself. Here’s our contestants:


@Tuophysis came up with a brilliant Brankyntrosaurus

And their envisioning of it’s nature and what it can do:


Here are it’s stats
At level 26
Heath 5250
Attack 1070
Armour 40%
Crit 30%
Speed 110

Move set
Cleansing Strike
Deaccelerating Rampage
Short Defence
Instant Distraction

Minor counter attack
Swap in Slow

The Brankyntrosaurus mixes beauty and danger to create a truly remarkable creature. When unthreatened, this Goliath moves slowly in groups, munching on any plant matter in the area, but as soon as danger presents itself, the Brankyntrosaurus moves at incredible speed for a creature of its size, swinging it’s tail and stomping the ground, creating an intimidating display, scaring even the most dangerous attackers.

This beautiful but dangerous sauropod contains many different strategies to strike fear into the hearts of bleeders and heavy hitters. The cleansing strike allows this creature to resist even the most lethal wounds, covering one large weaknesses the sauropod family has. It’s Deaccelerating Rampage allows a 2x damage slow mixed with its short defence adds a defensive strategy when combined with its counter and armour. Its instant distraction can soften the strongest attacks from creatures like Thor and Tryko. With high health and average damage at its disposal and a speed rivaling that of Stegoceratops, the Brankyntrosaurus is a truly powerful dinosaur

Followed by @K.rex with their intimidating Paramolodocus

And their description:


Paramolodocus is a fusion of the large Diplodocus and the big-headed Paramoloch. Its thick head is not necessary used much, but it sends most predators running.


Pinning strike
Decelerating Rampage
Impact and run
Shield advantage

Swap in Stun


1000 attack
0 armor
108 speed
5 crit chance
5850 health

Followed by @Qaw and their Montomirachia which is an awesome name btw

And their insight into it:


So the unique is called Montomirachia, and it’s a fusion of Brachiosaurus, Miragaia and Edmontosaurus.
Health: 5600
Damage: 1100
Speed: 113
Armour: 10%
Crit chance: 30%
Nullifying strike,
Superior Rampage,
Tactical retreat.
Passive: Minor rending counter
Superior Rampage is essentially superiority strike with 2x damage.1-turn cooldown.
Tactical retreat:
Cleanse. Regenerate 50% health. 100% chance to stun for 1 turn. Automatic swap. Cooldown of 3 turns. It does not take priority.
“This medium-sized superhybrid sauropod inherits Edmontosaurus’s communication skills and Miragaia’s instinct to protect, getting along surprisingly well with herds of other herbivores. Their excellent memory allows them to identify individuals of different species, including their human handlers.”
Mirachiodon would essentially play the role of a support dino, with that high crit chance being utilised to the fullest since it is a counter-attacker. Tactical retreat can allow for relatively risk-free swaps, and if the opponent is faster, the swapped-in dino gets a chance to deal damage and wait out any delays on moves.
Nullifying strike comes from wherever Edmontoguanodon got it.

Last and least is myself and my creation Mallecephalotops


Stats: 4100 HP, 1400 Attack, 117 Speed, 30% Armor, 5% Critical
Shielding Strike
Instant Rampage
Stunning Impact
Slowing Impact
Swap in Stun
Then fused with Maiasaura
“It’s name meaning “hammer head face,” this hybrid is a living battering ram. Inheriting shock absorbing spinal structure and keratinous growth from Pachycephalosaurus further enhance the ceratopsian dna giving this hybrid the thickest known skull of any known animal. It is fiercely territorial of its young in a large area, even chasing threats well beyond its domain.

So which design did you like the best? Keep both the beautiful designs and move sets in mind when placing your votes. All the artists worked hard on their submissions, and will be valued as such :grin:

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  • Tuophysis’s Brankyntrosaurus
  • Sarahsaurus’s Alankycera
  • K.rex’s Paramolodocus
  • Qaw’s Montomirachia
  • Dinomaster’s Mallecephalotops
[/: [poll ]

Here’s our Winner!

@Sarahsaurusrex and her Alankycera

I think we as a community wouldn’t mind if this great design found its way in the game especially winning this contest @Ludia_Developers :wink: maybe consider it?


Yay! This is getting really nice


Man, I wonder what the results will be… haha. And, @Ren, like I said before, is there any chance of a pin? Most people don’t really scroll a lot haha, that’s all ;D


Never mind, you read my mind!


Oh man, so many awesome exciting choices. I do like long necks though… so that is where my vote went :slight_smile:


Thanks mods for helping out!

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I like anything extravagant!


Still gutted that got wet…


I hope that developers can take inspiration from post like this: tactical retreat would be an hell of a move!!! It would be fantastic to see it in game as a different “regenerate&run”

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I can see it. Still awesome!

The smudges on mine are so annoying.

Amazing job guys! Hopefully detailed artwork will follow! I’ll ask our alliance to vote !


Ignore the fact that Montomirachia is referred to as “Mirachiodon” in the description, that’s a typo, just in case anyone was wondering.

Do we have the stats for anklycera?

Nice, I like them all but I did choose one heh.

All of them are really great

But it looks like an Ark dino dossier now. It’s amazing art and it does look so cool


@Qaw made it a very tough decision, but I went with the most colorful choice in the end. All were great entries, plz continue this new and very cool tradition


By that do you mean the one with the brightest colour or the most amount of different colours…
Joking , your vote. Don’t tell me :grin: