1st level 10!


That thigh bone does some good damage and good effort getting to level 10.

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Thanx!!! :slight_smile:

So how much have you sunk into the game then $bank

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Twisted- It’s possible to have level 10s without spending money.

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True. I have 4 lvl 11 and 4 lvl 10. No $. Did do some gem offers and get 100k gold with gems…it takes time though!

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I have done offers and bought 3 $6.99 gear packs. :slight_smile:

When did you start playing

I pre registered so about a monthish

I started in beta after gold and glory update. Ran into an issue with progress not saving so switched to guest. Started over a few times as updates came out. After a few updates the progress bug was fixed so went back to online account… with 3 heroes only… so with that game it’s been a few months…