1st level 30 question

Hey fam i just leveled my 1st dino to 30. Im just wondering why it still lets me fuse the ingredients for it? Is there a benefit still to maxing that out too?

There is not a benefit, but if the creature would have a hybrid, you can still fuse this creature to get that hybrid.
For example if you would get indominus rex to level 30, you could still fuse indominus rex to get erlidominus or indoraptor dna.

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And if the creature would be rare, you could still fuse it and donate its dna to people in your alliance.

Ok awesome. Ya its a unique so no benefit. Thx!

It’s not a matter of rarity. Non-superhybrids can make their hybrids, so fusing makes sense.
Like Stegod, it is a superhybrid so its DNA cannot be used to fuse anything though it is a legendary.

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Once a super hybrid is at max level there should be no reason to continue to fuse.

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