1st Lvl 30 Tryostronix?

Finished this baby off tonight


Ohh that’s where all the baryonyx went :frowning: haven’t even got her yet haha fair play​:ok_hand:

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Nice! How well does she do as a level 30 vs other dino? Is she worth the coins and effort?

It definitely is!
Amazing dino Mark :heart_eyes:

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Well at level 29, her Ferocious Strike did 1998 damage to start off. I’d say she’s pretty decent :wink:


How could ANY dinosaur at level 30 be a waste haha!

Well, okay maybe Lythronax =/

Congrats mate. Massive achievement. Definitely a bit jelly.

Wow that’s nice, I’m only halfway through level 27 but I’m pretty sure he’s going to be my third level 30. He’s so good

Only top players seem to like this dino and everyone else just ignores it. Most people seem to only say how she loses to postimetrodon therefore she aint that great :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just because one dino counters another doesn’t mean its crap :stuck_out_tongue:
Tryo is one of the best

Mine is only a 19 and will remain a permanent member of my team :grin: Congrats!! I think I found a bary hang out between here and my work. I’m going to stop again tonight with fingers crossed!

Excatly! But that is reason I hear from people who diss tryostronix.

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8991 max attack, outdoes a lvl30 gorgo which has 7434 “only”. I’d say it’s an honor to take a chomp by that thing.

I used to pick posti over tryo, but the actual performance converted me. More people will realise it over time. Like T-Rex has a poor speed of 102 whereas its counterpart has 104, but nobody has ever dissed T-Rex for being outmatched by her little sister.

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Haha we know this is definitely the king of tank crusher.
Only problem here is those ingredients are not so much easy to grind.

One hit KO any tank is just crazy.

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King of tank busters? have you not met my friend…her name is Gorgosuchus and she said to say “Rawww”


I call the big one “Bitey” :rofl::crazy_face:

No, Gorgosuchus is not.:thinking:
Tryostronix could generate higher maximum damage.
And with that immunity, you just literally couldn’t stop it from destroying.


does it have enough HP for you to have been able to get off a RTC + FC shattering rampage with it? :open_mouth:

feel like your only shot is something like monomimus. get some dodges, nullify ferocious strike/RTC