1stDvision is a stepping stone to a great alliance

1stDvision is looking for people level 18+ who are extremely active and talented in tourneys. Maybe you feel this is you and you’re having difficulties to find a top 100 alliance?

Look no more!, this is your chance to join 1stDvision and use it as a stepping stone into Cosmic Raptors which is a top100 alliance (top 50 when writing this).

Thanks to everyone that joined, still got some spaces left though :stuck_out_tongue:

We are super eager to hear from you guys. Ps. This project is being done by experienced people so you’ll be in good hands :yum:

Hey guys, we still can provide a couple of slots.

Some changes to the ad though.
It’s: Opportunity to climb into a top 50 alliance
We ask for Level 20

Hope to hear from you, Welcome!

We have one spot left for someone with ambitions in tournament. Join before tourney or make sure to not have entered in it to join. Welcome!

Come join us, only rules are respect sanctuary-rules and do tourney-bonus on weekends. Welcome!