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2.0 - I’m just not sure!

Hey dino nuts.

Maybe I’ve not given it enough time but My initial thoughts and feelings are that I’m not overly keen on this version of the game! I feel that there’s an awful lot going on in battles. Loads of info to try and look at when choosing the best moves etc. That timer is just ticking away and I don’t feel like I have enough time to take it all in. Everything just seems so busy. I liked the simplicity we had before the update. Finding the right move to use used to be pretty intuitive!

Raids seem like a good idea and the few I’ve took let in have been fun but the communication tools are pretty lacking.

I’m not planning on giving up quite yet and will give it more time to see if I settle into but it worries me that I feel apprehensive at the prospect of logging in now :frowning:

I think after some time the stats and move sets will become more intuitive. Its new right now so we are all having to read, but as we all keep reading we start remembering and not needing to read anymore.

I do wish they would remove that stupid yawn emoji…its so irritating trying to read and some idiot keeps yawning. Though it is refreshing when I beat them anyway.

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