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2.0 Issues

1 -Battles are timing out a massive pace for me. Its not connection specific, account specific, or device specific. Seems like around 1/4 to 1/2 of my battles go to the waiting for opponent screen and count all the way down.

2 -Many times, after a battle, their name is not there. It just says “Opponent Name” on the win/lose screen.

3 -My scents, specifically any scent I had prior to 2.0, is reading as 0/X. X being the max number for the given scent, but the actual owned amount reads 0 on all of them.

4 -Many times when going to the map, things are clickable on the map, but the map will not turn. I have to go in the lab and into a creature then return to the map for the map to turn.

Of course, there are far more problems in this game, but…add these to the list.

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I’m having this too. It’s been around for a while, but the frequency has gone up.

I didn’t know going into the lab fixes it. I’ll try that next time.

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I started to get this in the last couple weeks. I assumed it was my phone.

Yeah, make sure to go into a creature’s profile, just going to the lab does not seem to reset it. It leaves the map, then on return forces the map to reload again.

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Thank you for bringing these up, RageBringer. I will forward them to the team.

The map issue isn’t new. It was at least there in the last update, probably longer.