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2.0 Movie

If 2.0 was a movie its catch line would be,
Nothing will ever be the same again.
Comment what you think it would be!:rofl:

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To quote Hamilton(the musical) “The world will never be the same”

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haha. yeah my mom saw that and has been playing the music 3 times a day everyday.

If 2.0 was a movie franchise itd be the Spider Man franchise. No franchise has gotten more reboots than your friendly neighborhood Spider Man.

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haha. good one

… it would be the equivalent of George Lucas handing over Lucasfilm to Disney.

Also, I know this is off topic, but am I the only person who didnt like the sequel trilogy nearly as much as the other 2? Ik it’s Star Wars but the quality change is there.

i liked it but was massive change

it would be the avengers

thanos would be indorapto g2 and the avengers would be 2.0 haha

2.0 thylo would be iron man

haha. hulk would be ardentisma

Godzilla KotM. Godzilla is Ardentismaxima, Ghidorah is Geminititan. I feel like the past few updates have been a constant battle for superiority between the two of them.

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That’s actually surprisingly accurate

yeah really accurate

Sequels are now the most hated SW trilogy. They ruined Anakins redemption. Rey declares herself a Skywalker and then buried anakins lightsabre in sand. This is the guy who hates sand growing up as a slave on a desert planet. Revenge of the Sith beat Endgame on Facebook vote by a far shot so your not the only one.

Hmm. Never thought I’d that. Maxima won so that is accuarate, extremely accuarate.