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2.0 - now I quit the game

I tried hard to understand, but it‘s impossible for me - too much nerfs and too much coins needed for healer and so on. I liked to pay for the game, but last year, Ludia destroyed lvl30 Einia (it was still ok), but now: Procerato, Paramoloch !!!, Indo‘s, - Postosuchus extremly (why this?) - at the same time, I have to level Tuora and Dilo and Maxima (I don‘t like it, but he was boring), Magna (boring) … no, no, no


But your l30 tenonto, Tryko and dracorat are still extremly usable dinos. Nobody knows what the next update will bring. Perhaps theire will be minor changes in the updates that will change everything.


Think about it: You’re complaining about very easy to level up dinos (rare, epic, legendary) and basically, a good chunk of your collection is also made of easy to level up dinos, while other have spent months painfully leveling up uniques like Gemini and would now dream to have your collection because even then, you still have many jewels in there, and you have all your boosts to start over. Oh well, only thing I can say is bye, but it’s a shame…


Yes, I agree. But the abilities of the creatures are completely different. I did not ask for it and it was unpredictable. Some weeks ago I‘d leveled Postosuchus from 15 to 22 - I had an idea for weekly tournaments. In summary the change management was completely bad. Some people are happy and some now demotivated - that’s life. I think, that after Pokémon Go an JWA my succesful career as a gamer comes to an end :smiley::wink:

Goodbye/quitting thread.