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2.0 Spawn Guide!

Hey Everyone! We have your 2.0 Spawn Guide ready to go! BIG changes this time around. Locals Actually Rotated!!!

For example: I used to live in L3, and according to the spawn guide, that is now L2. Check out the full breakdown.


So Deinonychus and Edapho are globals, that’s great. Haast G2 is a wednesday spawn, so I’ll get him soon too. Mammoth is now L2, not my local but now I know where to go to find him. Oh and turtle is now global, it’ll help me leveling my Nemys.
The only thing that worries me is exclusivity of Haast :frowning:


“Nodon” in area 3, exactly what i needed lol


I’m in a zone 4 now then, was in zone 1

I am happy about the zone shakeup. I’m getting tons of dracorex g2 around here.

Moved from L2 to L1. Does anyone know if the boundaries changed too?

I’m still waiting for the update…

Hi, under Local 2 it shows Suchomimus, but this creature has now become battle exclusive so shouldn’t be spawning on the map?

All look pretty balanced and then we have zone 4
It’s way too bad compared to the other ones


As far as we can tell, it’s Local 2. Possible the Patch Notes are wrong. I’m in L2 now and running a scent so we’ll see if I get one


Same here. Four looks poor.

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Looks like I might be in local 3. I see a deinocheirus in the distance.

How do i find out what spawn I’m in?

Looks like i’m Local 1 now as my Giga scent has repeatedly spawned Majunda, Giraff, Galli, and Amargasaurus.

Yup Local 1 sucks majorly.


Zones seem to have rotated. Used to be 4 now 3

Could have at least done an effort to drop something worthwhile in local 4. Dear Lord, local 4 and local 1 are complete dumpsterfires, local 2 is almost as good as local 5.

Confirmed Suchomimus is still wild. I live in L2/Park

Meant to reply to you on this @GPx lol

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No. The things that changes was Zone 1 moved to 2, Zone 2 moved to 3, 3 to 4, and 4 to 1

I’ve heard reports of the opposite as well. Because my 3 turned into a 2

So 4>3>2>1>4

I live in 4, and I got a mono and pteranodon. I went to my zone 2 and got sinos and ankys. I went to my zone 1 and got a stigy.