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2.0 Spawn Guide!

Me too…i was in zone 3 now I’m in 2

Ankys and suchomimus everywhere

Will the locals rotate or stay like this? Coz I m now local 1 and this is the biggest trash spawn local…


@Piere87 This is awesome.

Is there any chance for a spawn percentages on gamepress or is this not possible with our new mechanics. I know I saw one ages ago. Some rares are far more rare than others.

Tuesday is supposed to be Megaloceros’ most active day but I’ve darted 5 today (Wednesday) while only seeing two Eagles.

There’s stuff going on with the daily rares where they spawn every day, but cannot be scented

I’m glad I’m on the border of 2 zones. I get creatures from both spawning in my neighborhood.

How can i know my zone?

Epic scent is the best way to know for sure, but a giga scent can do the trick

How do I know what zone I am in?

If you see a lot of Inostrancevia and Miragaia around you during the day, you’re in zone 1. If you see a lot of Euoplocephalus or Suchomimus you’re in zone 2. If it’s a lot of Deinochei or Lythronax you’re in zone 3, and last, if you’re seeing a lot of Monolophosaurus Gen 2, Parasaurolophus or Scolosaurus, you’re in zone 4!

Hmm right now i can see a para, a velo, a dracodrex g2 and a deino

Thanks for the info Pierre

Wait wait wait… so the locals themselves shifted, or the creatures in them?
Is my local still 3, or do I have to call it the new one?
What is life?

That’s a good question for our resident robot @OrigamiRobot :grin:

Omg I’m dead :joy:

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It’s actually a bit easier in 2.0 than it has been for the last few patches. I’ll be compiling the chances and publishing them somewhere soon™.

Is it only me that noticed a spawnrate nerf?

No, you’re not the only one who noticed it

For me the spawns have multiplied. Also, I’ve found a lot of goodies on my evening walk. Lots of irri, purussaurus, dimetrodon, even an edapho.

Thank you to all at GamePress that work on these guides. They are so helpful when I go out hunting. :grinning::sauropod::t_rex: