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2.0 Spawn Guide!

I live in Local3 (before 2.0 update Edmonto everywhere)
After update spawn change. Really happy with that.

But now Edmonto come back ! ( along with Deinocheirus, Lythronax ) It means Pyro,Mammoth and Raja will disappear and Monolo, Secondo will be back !!! :sob:
Just happen half hour ago.

Intentionally Zone Rotation??

I don’t know how it is for anyone else but my experience the last 2 weeks is that there a lot less creatures on the map + I only saw maybe 4 or so dimetrodons , grypo I saw 2 times I think and I have yet to see any irritator in the evening/night, giga scents are not helping either

ps I haven’t seen any rajasaurus either

Same here! I went from 4 to 3 at patch, and now it’s 4 again!

Well, at least I get its spawns from giga. I dunno.

Global rare spawns like dimetrodon are pretty rare now. At least we get some irritator, I see up to 3 a day.

I only saw 3 irri so far, one from giga and 2 spawned near my house

I’ve been luring in the dimetros. Also the irritators. Caught enough to fuse for Magna today and only need 200 more DNA for next fuse.

So basically local 2 are the luckiest. They should reshuffle or redistribute local 2 as they have the ones who can get the best combinations. Locals 1, 3, and 4 basically sucks.

Jup, 2 is quite good nowadays.

Summarizing each zones bests so that Ludia can reconsider “revalancing” again which i doubt will happen:

Local 1: Tryko
Local 2: Dior, mammoth family, erlikospynx (a good bleeder imo)
Local 3: Err none? Given that the following are harder to get due to their recipe exclusivity:

Maxima: Brachio event exclusive
Quetzorion: quetzacoaltus exclusive

Local 4: tuoramoloch and monolometrodon? Not even sure if these are good but i see this some in high rank arena players

Again Ludia…”Rebalancing”

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Have they turned off local spawns today? I am in new local 3 and haven’t seen a single local creature today? Weird

“erlikospynx (a good bleeder imo)”
Not anymore, Ludia took that away from it.

Oh no, I see what they have done… they put me back in Local 4… aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh nnnnnooooooooooooooo!!!

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At home I have a mix of local 1&2

Kinda strange today…

Was in L3 before, and changed to L2 after 2.0. But today, surprisingly, I encountered a lot of Phorusrhaus and Lythronax. It looks like I am bounced back to L3 ?? No no no…

The same thing happened to me. I was in local 3 before 2.0. When 2.0 came out, i was moved to local zone 2. Today I saw an einiasuchus, which is local 2 spawn, before the end of tournament and after that, BOOM , can’t stop seeing the grey chicken and lythronax

To be honest, I have had enough of the gray chickens… :frowning:

I think they rotate zones every month

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