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2.1 my thoughts after 1 week

2.1 has been running for 1 week and here are my thoughts.

New Raids

  1. I like that we got new raids and Pyrritator was challenging. T Rex was interesting and also fun to battle with various combos. 2 turn wins are nice too.

  2. Grypholyth was a bit time consuming as is. The 3 rounds was unneeded and becomes busy work long term when players are trying to help others to clear.

  3. Hadro Lux sounds like a chore rather than a challenge. Ludia has decided that rather than challenge players with a tough boss like Pyrri and Mortem, lets just bog them down with 30 mins of grind.

  4. By forcing players to play longer for the same raids, you are.limiting how many non-top players can be given a chance to try and beat Hadros and Grypholyth. Top players have lives, jobs and families so they cannot be spending 24 to 48 hours going through 30 min raids only be fail due to bad luck, bad connection or just bad moves.

  5. Having 2 raids per day for 4 days then having 3 days of lull in the form of tournaments is not the best idea. Raids take time and planning. Given Ludia wants to have grindfests for raids, it might stand to reason to spread them out over the week and cut the tournament period to 2 days or even 1 day since most players play them for short time per week anyway. This gives the better players more time to help others raid, play arena, tackle towers and focus on tournament. Also reduces failed matchmaking for all players.

Raid Improvements

  1. The ability to surrender and retry is good but the Retry coding is quite buggy so its quite frustrating.

  2. The last used creature feature is nice if not a typecasting of certain players. Its good for carriers to have so they can always use the same creature to carry their team.

  3. Raid invites for offline players is cool and extremely effective so I like it.

Class system

  1. Interesting but not something I really care about. Nice graphics but maybe not what was begging to be put in the game when there are more important things to solve.

Monthly Migrations and Where to Find Creatures

  1. Very interesting and exciting to see new creatures every monthly reset.

  2. The Covid pandemic has made it hard for many to explore new zones so rotating the zones over months might help though actually allowing people to get out and exercise might actually be better.

  3. The Where to Find Creatures is vague but useful enough to be relevant

New Abilities and Ability Updates

  1. The 2 new abilities are cute and could be fun to use if I used either creature.

  2. The updates have made the turn versus attack issue clearer.

  3. Changes to Taunting Rampage is terribad. Not only not asked for but makes Raiding more annoying.

  4. Definite Shield Advantage or Anti-Smilo Rampage has made its sole user viable in arena if it wasnt for boosts and Diplodocus being quite hard to find.

Creature Updates

  1. Ardentismaxima got hit hard. It effective had every suggested nerf applied to it and then had its parent Ardont and its best attack made into use once and die move. What should have been changed to make it balanced and not useless is removing its armor and distraction resistance. Damage and TSR should be reverted to 2.0 status. Health can stay as 2.1. This would make Ardent a raid creature and a middling arena creature which is not essential to have.

  2. Tryko’s “nerf” is not bad and makes it less of a cunning killer. It now cannot be an instant win card against Quetza and Phorus thus making both viable.

  3. Improving Cunning Creatures is a good move but maybe something more should be done to help them beat Resil/Fierce creatures

  4. Grypholyth is now back to be a pain in the rear end. The bane of DioRaja now kills Dio even more and with its Fierce Strike can actually hurt Tryko more. Losing Cleansing Strike makes it easier to beat for Distractors and Bleeders but also more in line with its Croc motif and less like an immortal freak.

New Creatures

  1. Nice to see but not must haves for arena.

  2. Cute purebreds, cool looking hybrids and good designs. Kudos.


  1. Nice to see Ludia trying to debug the game

  2. Some bugs eliminated means a smoother experience.


2.1 has been pretty much a bad direction for Ludia to take in terms of nerfing the top dinos and making Raids more challenging. Ardentismaxima got killed because it was a problem. If this is what Ludia has chosen as its policy moving forward, then the game will die. The small time players will be frustrated by the constantly crushing of their teams and unlike 2.0, there is no moving boosts to something else. Meaning a lot of locked boosts or lost boosts. Boosts are products of real money and/or hard work. By destroying player’s boosted creatures in the guise of rebalancing will cause players to quit the game. The vocal minority cannot and will not replace the lost revenue from these players. Alliances will be hurt when important players leave due to Ludia’s constant slaughters. This is not healthy. My own alliance lost 2 players over this. I know of another high performing alliance losing 3 to 4 of their best players. Anyone who thinks Ludia made a good decision really needs to think outside their own selfish wants.

Raids are going from fun and challenging to time wasting exercises. We play Raids to have fun not spend hours doing repetitive tasks so people we wanna help can get Hadros Lux or Grypholyth. This new 3 round and 4 round raid is not a good direction. Its a cynical attempt by Ludia to limit who get Hadros Lux and later the next Apex. Raids are about community not elitism. If only the best players are allowed to get Apex DNA the gap between the top and the upper middle will widen a lot. We need more players involved in every part of the game and Raids are a good way to make a stronger community so lets not make them another PTW scheme.

2.1 in itself is a decent update. Things are better in isolation. But the trajectory for Raids and rebalancing is worrying and 2.2 could easily wreck the delicate balance between accepting changes and feeling cheated.


What an excellent post!

I agree with pretty much everything @arugono says here.

The nerf to Maxi was excessive and affects almost the entire player base. Something needs to be done real quick about this before more people uninstall.

Raids lasting 4 rounds may well end up making so many players just give up on the raids. Way too long and susceptible to simple mistakes due to lack of concentration or disconnections.

There were some big improvements though, so kudos for them. I just don’t get why Ludia would want to make game changing decisions like excessive nerfs to push players away!


Yeah, surprisingly good analysis :smiley: I agree with the points about raid improvements AND at the same time raids becoming annoying and un-fun. We did the Grypo raid yesterday with my alliance and as expected, it was sooo many turns, considering that the boss counter-attacks as well. Maybe the rewards for repeating the same raid should be greatly improved to at least give carriers some incentive to do raids over and over. Looks like Ludia is over-policing against farmers here.

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Agree with everything.

Longer raids with same pity rewards can result in some players uninstalling game too. Players with boosted creatures will less likely be willing to carry over Lux, Grypo raids lower players.

Even for luckiest players 3 months of constant raiding to unlock one creature, seems more like a torture than dedication.

As new raids have more rounds, rewards should be better too. Minimum should be at least 20 and max at least 50 (30 - 60 wouldn’t hurt either).

Maxima nerf was way too much. Losing armor and distraction resistance would be enough.

Arena and tournaments are in worst shape ever since 2.0 and nothing changed with 2.1. 70% of time match outcome is based on luck of draw. Combine that with 30/30 system in arena and you get lvl 30 teams falling or staying in Library due to massive losing streaks. Wouldn’t be suprised if at seasonal reset some lvl 30 teams will end in Aviary.

Skill tournaments with same 30/30 system are a bit better, as players start with different entry points, all have same lvl creatures and tournaments last only 3 days. Also you can stop playing in tournament after 10 takedowns.