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2.1 Spawn Guide!

Hey everyone! We have the 2.1 Spawn guide. All of the new creatures (except for Sonorasaurus) are available on the map. There were a couple of minor changes in zones and parks, but otherwise, everything pretty much stayed the same.


So local 2 only has two common spawns now?

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That is correct


Huh. I noticed Suchomimus was no longer a local spawn, so I figured Eremotherium would replace it. But it looks like it replaced Deinchierus instead

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might not be able to catch any fish, the crocs will disturb them…

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Well, then I hope they have a new common lined up to replace Suchomimus in 2.2. I’m getting that zone next month, so that’ll be interesting. Although then again, having one less common might help me farm more Mammoth :sweat_smile:

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WOW, this is awesomely fast! THANKS!

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I’m just super happy they will be rotating now, that’s a huge win


thank you 10

Next time the rotation happens I’ll be diving in eremotherium dna.

Epic Haast Eagle not included in this article. Says its event locked in the game, but hoping this is wrong. :sweat_smile:

It is event locked

It is indeed event locked. The first section has been updated to include Haast Eagle and Arctops (which was also apparently missed).

I agree! I love the rotations every month. And since we know the pattern (it’s up one each time I believe) I can actually plan ahead.


Yes. They go through a 4 month cycle, so if you were at Zone 1, in four months you will be back in Zone 1.

Thank you for all the work the team at Gamepress does on these. They are so incredibly helpful. :grinning:

How do I determine what “Area” I’m in (and where other areas are in relation to me? Is there a “map”?

Thank you …

Bill Arnold

Easiest way I’ve found is seeing which area-specific commons are around you. Turning on a scent (especially a giga scent) almost always accomplishes this. But you can also just look at what has spawned around you.

I think there’s a way to determine where other areas are in relation to you, but I can’t remember what it is.


Thanks for this … but I’m not sure I understand.

When you say “area specific commons” are you referring to a list of Dino’s that are “Common” and that “those common Dino’s” only spawn from a scent package in a given “area”? … and that there is a list of which common Dinos populate a given area so that you can then deduce the area you are in?


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Exactly. Each area of the map has a group of dinos (of different rarities) that only spawn in that zone. The areas are geographically defined, but not marked. For example, these are the spawns for area 2, where I currently live:

So if you were walking along and saw a Euoplocephalus on the map, you would know that you were in Area 2, and that Woolly Mammoth (and all of these other dinos) could also be found nearby.