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2.1 Team suggestions

My current team setup is actually pretty decent, and Id like suggestions on who to swap out.

With the update butchering Maxima, i feel like Im going to swap it out with Geminititan, as I believe it will be the superior sauropod. Indoraptor Gen 1 i feel like might be pretty decent this patch, so I think i might swap Sarcorixis with it. Would those be good options?

Maybe instead swap out sarco with quetz instead of indo, you definitely need more cunning but quetz is way better than indo

Take a look at my video which analyses the dinos used in the top 20 teams on the leaderboard I have compared the dinos used before and after the 2.1 update which takes into account the nerf to Ardentismaxima.

YouTube: The Best Dinos as used by the Top 20 players