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2.10 lux

Is Hadros lux still worth using? After 2.10 lux got a nerf(we all know that) but I am wondering if that nerf means that lux is no longer viable in the arena. Let me know your thoughts.

It has a more flexible kit, it just lost a bit of firepower. It’s still viable IMO.


Ok. Just wondering although I did make a little buff to lux.


The only major knock on it is that it can’t beat Mortem now and Grypolyth fares far better against it.

It’s still a powerhouse, but not the monster it was before.


It’s still good, but not great… Worse than many Uniques now… Funny how they nerfed Hadros, which is an Apex, and left Skoona alone, a Unique with similar usefulness that was already way more OP than Hadros even before the nerf…


To be frank, it’s not that Hadros didn’t need a nerf, just those uniques need it too.



You say everything need a nerf, SKOONA IS FINE

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The problem its like 2.8 lux, but with an instant impact/rampage (if you get the counter off before hand), with 750 more hp and 30% armor.


Skoona is not fine and will 100% get nerfed just like Max did. Ludia knows what they’re doing. They specifically made Skoona OP to drive revenue, along with the new batch of OP uniques. The next couple of updates will bring more nerfs and other enticing creatures so people buy packs/boosts to try and get them battle ready ASAP


Then smart people wouldn’t fall for the bait and nerf.

Exactly, and this is how it should be! If dinos are only desirable if they beat their would-be counters, that says a LOT about the current state of balance in the game.


You had me confused when you said Ludia knew what they were doing @Naggin, because clearly they do not (I mean just count the bugs). Then you explained the part about how they cheat their customers by promoting and then nerfing certain dinos to help sell boosts. Now I agree with you 100%. Hey, they were an online gambling company, so they have that part figured out for sure.

Skoona literally isn’t fine, lmaooo

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I 100% agree. as a fierce apex mortem should destroy a resilient apex lux and 2.10 has done just that.

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what about skoona needs a nerf? Skoona is a resilient cunning meaning that it should counter a fierce cunning creature which it does. Take magna for example who is a cunning fierce, gets destroyed by skoona. That is what a balanced creature should be defeated by whats supposed to defeat it(grypolyth) and can beat what its supposed to beat(magna)