2.10 moves are an amazing opportunity for buffs

I definitely think the developers should not ignore recently added moves (especially daring and determined strike) when making changes to older creatures. It allows one move change to make a drastic difference.

Here’s just a few examples of what I mean


Don’t know much about stygidarx’s play style so this is just for fun. but another example of how new moves can help improve lesser uniques


That’s a really good idea for stygidaryx to have lethal rampage and run for two reasons. One it needs a buff. Two it’s legendary ingredient has a defense shattering impact, and when you make Stygidaryx it no longer has it.


I like lethal Rampage and Run on it, but the one problem I think is the delay. It’s too long! Your only damaging move that doesn’t swap you out is RS, so you’ll be doing minimal damage until turn 3 when you can FINALLY use this move.


Huh, that would help it stall. It doesn’t really fit its ancestry, but I don’t put too much stock in that anyway.


I say delay of 1 and cooldown is ok. Keep the attack the same so it does not do to much damage(like phourex)

Its an amazing oppertunity for a boost shuffle